Flatire Burgers

If you’re looking for a place to chill and you don’t want to go super far from campus, I definitely have the place for you! Flatire Burgers is located at 318 East Ayers Street Edmond, Oklahoma. It’s a five minute walk from the UCO library and the price range is student-friendly. They’re open from Sunday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

This restaurant is  very famous for their trademark burgers. I always walked passed this restaurant and I noticed that every lunch hour, they have a lot of customers coming in. I decided to try their food because I thought that if a lot of people go to the restaurant, it might actually have good food and also good customer service. So, today I went to check their menu and they have both a menu for kids and also adults. If you are planning to bring your kids here, they have homemade Pimento Cheese Sandwich, Grilled Ham and Cheese and many more. One great thing too is that you can couple the burger with their awesome selection of beers and cocktails. The decor is pretty eclectic too and feels so young and fresh. They even have the bicycle hanging inside of their restaurant and it is just so cool!


The interiors have that retro vibe but it still feels very 2016, right?


(Yes! they do have alcohol beverages!)

Aside from their mouth-watering burgers, they also have Ahi Tacos which is Corn tortillas filled with medium-rare #1 sushi grade ahi tuna, cabbage, wasabi ranch & mango relish served with borracho beans. That doesn’t just sound delicious, it definitely IS delicious. One of the most well-known burgers that they offer is the Green Chili Burger which is made of green chillies, pepper jack and chipotle mayo. The Flatire Blowout Burger is also one of the favorites among the customers. It has lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, hickory bacon, fried egg, American cheese and their special burger sauce. Classic!


Flatire Famous Fish Tacos

The photo above is called the Flatire Famous Fish Tacos which has Boulevard Wheat battered tilapia, cabbage and chipotle tartar sauce with a splash of sriracha in flour tortillas with borracho beans as a side dish. Too much? I think not! Customers can also choose from a selection of side dishes whether they want borracho beans, french fries, sweet potatoes fries and many more. I would love to recommend the Flatire Famous Fish Tacos because it’s something out of the ordinary that you and your friends would definitely enjoy. For the burgers, their customers can choose or customize how they want their burger. For example, they can get extra cheese and they can even choose what type of cheese they want. Also, to “accessorize” the burgers, they can add mushrooms, grilled ham and many more choices that suit your taste buds.

They also have a discount for a certain days for example, every Sunday they have $1 off for their famous Flatire s’mores (guilty pleasure tbh) and $1.75 happy hour Coors Pints  every  day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Other than that, they also have discount for students and faculty. So if you are a student, do not forget to bring your student I.D.


Food delivery

I’m sure there are days where you feel like going out is such a drag. Flatire Burgers has the solution to that! Get on your phone and dial 858-TOGO (8646) and you’ll have your favorite burger delivered to your door step!

Aside from their food, their customer service is very good, fast and efficient.

If you want to take a break from all the stress of school, head on over to Flatire with a few friends and let it all out on a delicious Flatire Burger!

By: Nur Dalila Asmadi


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