Cafe De Taipei

Cafe De Taipei is located at 603 S Broadway, Edmond. They usually open every Tuesday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. except for Sunday, they close at 10 p.m.


  Operating Hours

Cafe De Taipei is a very unique restaurant. They are very famous for their Boba Tea; “boba” typically being pearl jellies that make every drink a little bit more exciting! However, customers don’t always have to choose boba. The customers can choose whether they want apple jelly, mixed fruit jelly or boba and many more. Their restaurant is very famous among the Asians and Americans here. They usually have a lot of customers from 10 p.m onwards. One of my favorite drinks at their restaurant is Wintermelon tea, which a sweet milk tea blend. They also offer Almond Milk Tea along many other delicious options. I personally prefer boba with any milk tea because it balances the drink out and it just makes it more fun!


Almond Milk Tea with boba

Cafe De Taipei also has special drinks at their restaurant which are Honeydew Ma-Cha Slush, Japanese Ma-Cha Smoothie and many more. Every time my friend and I have no idea what to eat, Cafe De Taipei is on the top of our list, more so that this the one of the restaurants that is open until late at night.

The delicious food, coupled with refreshing milk tea blends and the ambience just keeps me coming back for more. Some of my favorite dishes that I highly recommend are Takoyaki and King Unagi. I am so in love with both of these dishes. I have tried some of it, but still, these two are my most favorite and I usually will order them every time I visit the restaurant.

u  t

         King Unagi                                                                 Takoyaki

They say that you eat with your eyes first, and by the looks of these dishes, who wouldn’t want another serving? It is not only very “instagram worthy” it is just delicious tbh. I’m sure everyone’s main concern, aside from the delicious food, is the cleanliness. Everyone just wants to be assured of the quality of the food from the moment you enter until the moment the food is served. It’s worthy to note that the restaurant had excellent upkeep which added even more value to the experience.  You can even watch them preparing your order because they have small counter with a clear glass so their customers can watch how they prepare the food.

They have a very lovely and friendly staff who will make sure that you don’t have to wait too long for your food. Being a regular customer, whenever I went there, they already know what I want to order and personally, I feel happy because they usually have a lot of customers and they can still remember what I’d usually order.


                 Sushi making counter 

Their arrangement of their restaurant is very chill and cool. It’s a perfect hangout spot for friends and it’s also a good place to bring your kids for some good ‘ol Boba Tea (you won’t regret it!).


            Some part inside of their restaurant

One thing that might entice you even more is that they have a promo where after you collect 10 stamps (one stamp per drink) you get one on the house, pretty cool right? You can choose whatever drink you want (just 1 of course). Here is my personal collection of stamps that I got from them (haven’t redeemed the free drink yet!)

fr  ba

    Card to collect the stamps                              I have 10 stamps already!

If you are still thinking of where you might want to hangout with your friends and you don’t have a good place, Cafe De Taipei is the place to be, fam! Trust me, bring your friends or your family and they will definitely enjoy eating the delicious food at Cafe De Taipei. See you there!

By: Nur Dalila Asmadi


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