Ooo Cha

Ooo Cha is a brand new smoothie, coffee and pho joint that I thought was very good. It is located on Danforth Road in Edmond, right beside the Walmart. It made its grand opening in September, so I had to try it out. The only downside to the place is that it doesn’t have more food. You can score a good bowl of pho or a sandwich but that’s about it. I will say that the drinks they provide are delicious. They say that the drinks are made with real fruit and ingredients. I like that it advertises its authenticity, and it also appeals to the dieting and healthy crowd in Edmond.


It was my first time going so I had to look at the menu for a good five minutes before I could decide what I wanted. The menu lays out everything they have very clearly, and it was really appealing to look at. The whole facility was appealing to look at! They have a lot of bright green colors that make the place look fun.


Ooo Cha seemed to be a place directed toward the college kids. The whole establishment has lounging chairs and sofas for people to relax and chill out while sipping on their coffee or eating. It has free Wi-Fi so it would definitely attract any young one, and that was the first thing I noticed. They had a big stereo set up in the restaurant that was playing today’s music.


The cool thing about the seating arrangement is that it is very spacious and there is a big variety of places you could choose to sit. They have stools in the window area, little red sofas in the center and many other small tables spread out across the entirety of the restaurant.

When I went I ordered two smoothies for myself and my friend. The cost was around $8 for both smoothies. They have a “buy 5 get 1 free” deal going on so I got a cute little punch card for when I come back next time. After we ordered we had to wait for them to actually make the smoothies, but I didn’t mind a three-minute wait because I enjoyed the environment and the comfy furniture. I ordered a coffee latte smoothie because I love coffee and my friend ordered the mango smoothie. When we got our drinks they looked delicious in the plastic cups. They had a plastic seal on the top where you can just poke your straw through.

My coffee smoothie was fabulous, and I had to try the mango one just because, and it was just great. I loved the presentation and the staff was very friendly and wanted feedback on the drinks which makes me feel like they care.

Now the real question is if I would recommend this place to any of you viewers, and indeed I would. Ooo Cha is the perfect place to go when you just want to have a good cup of joe and get a good study session going. The staff is very welcoming and the comfortable atmosphere makes for a great place to chill out with your friends. I will definitely be going back for more, and I think you all should as well.

Written by: Olivia DeLeon


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