Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill


If you’ve driven down Broadway in Edmond, Oklahoma, you’ve probably passed by Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill without even noticing it was there. You might have noticed the hand painted murals that it features on the front of the building, but it probably wasn’t enough to make you want to stop and check it out.


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I’m here to tell you that you should definitely give this hidden gem a chance, because the experience my family and I had there was just wonderful. The employees were so friendly, we had amazingly quick service, and the meal itself was very reasonably priced for the group of three that I was a part of.
When you first walk in, you immediately see how neat and well laid out that the main dining area is. Zarate’s has two dining areas, one that is more for families and small to large groups of people, and they also have a small dining area to the back that’s next to the bar. My family really appreciated the fact that they had their bar area relatively separate from the rest of the restaurant.

As soon as we were seated, our waiter took our order and another employee brought out the complimentary chips, queso, and salsa. It probably helped that they weren’t very busy at the time we were there, but I firmly believe that the service wouldn’t have changed even if it was time for the usual lunch rush.
To start off, the chips were warm-which was a pleasant surprise, actually-and the queso had a nice consistency and really good flavor, also served at a nice warm temperature. The salsa was a surprise for me, though. I’m not usually one who likes salsa, but this salsa was spiced so well and tasted so fresh. It was also served at just the right temperature and I found myself actually enjoying that small bowl of salsa before my meal!
While we waited for our meals, we got to experience the atmosphere of Zarate’s, and it was quite pleasant. The waiter payed attention to when my family members or I needed a refill of our drinks, they had a tv mounted in the main dining area but kept it muted. Spanish music played in the background at a comfortable volume. Overall, it really felt like it was a classic family-owned restaurant; they even had a university student working as their hostess at the front.
Our meals came out reasonably quick, we had no problems with something being under-cooked or the waiter getting something wrong, everything came out great. When you visit Zarate’s, you’ll be amazed at how many cultures are represented in the dishes they make. They’re definitely a multicultural restaurant, and that was very refreshing.


Pictured above left is the front of their menu, picturing the flags of the countries that their offered meals represent, and on the right column are the dishes that my family and I ordered. The top dish was their “Really Big Burrito,” and it obviously lived up to its name! The middle dish pictured was the “Jamaican Jerk Chicken,” and the bottom dish pictured was my order which was the “2 Enchilada Dinner.” The enchiladas themselves were seasoned quite nicely, the rice and beans also tasted surprisingly fresh, which really rounded out the meal for me.
At the end of our meal, we received complimentary sopapillas, and the total bill was right at $45 USD without tip. We left a well-deserved tip to our waiter, though we wanted to tip the other workers as well. During our visit to Zarate’s we witnessed the honesty of their employees. One patron left their phone at their table as they were leaving and a waiter rushed out to get it back to them, and another customer left their wallet at the table, and once again a waiter quickly rushed it back to them. This really turned our already good experience at Zarate’s a great one!

Written by: Jordan Tate





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