The Hash Retro Diner

If you are ever feeling in the mood for a meal that competes with grandma’s home cooking, you should definitely go here. The Hash is a quaint diner on Second Street of Edmond. It’s retro theme made me wish I was born in the 50s and the staff were quite courteous.


The diner is only open a short 8 hours, from 6 am to 2 pm, which brings it a lot of business. I visited at 12 pm on a Tuesday and oddly enough my boyfriend and I were the only two in the restaurant. The waitresses on duty said it was rare that they were that empty on any day, so I’d say we were lucky! I have tried to eat there on the weekends and it always fails because a line leads out the door and I was told that there is even a waitlist to get a seat.

When we arrived we got to choose any seat in the house, so a booth it was. The entire restaurant itself is not very big in size, and it had some old details about it that assured me that I was about to get a delicious meal. I loved the atmosphere of the diner, with the old and rusty route 66 signs, worn out chairs and decorative lights hung from the ceiling.

Also, ‘Tis the Season, so they had a cute little Christmas tree set up and “Jingle Bells” playing on the radio. The menu was one laminated page that was set up nice and neat, and had an old school look. It had some playful food names like “The Granddaddy” and “The Runner”. When we ordered I got biscuits and gravy with potatoes, and my boyfriend got a country egg combo, which is eggs pancakes and bacon.

If I had to rate the quality of my food with one word, it would be delicious. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. I had a good portion of biscuits and gravy, and I got sausage with them and I was very impressed. I never order biscuits and gravy at restaurants because I prefer my Grandma’s homemade plate over any others. These were competing with my Grandma’s though, and they were fabulous. The potatoes were good as well and perfectly cooked.

Biscuits and Gravy with potatoes. Yum!

I had to taste my boyfriend’s meal as well just so I could get the full experience, and those pancakes were simply amazing. All of the food tasted like good home cooking and we ate until we couldn’t take another bite. I’m happy to say that I was very satisfied with my experience.

Looks good, right?

My overall experience was better than I expected, and I enjoyed everything the little diner had to offer. They even recommended that I take a to go menu home with me to call in orders when I don’t feel like waiting for a seat.image1-2If you or your friends are ever in the mood for some delicious food that is just a hop and a skip away from UCO’s campus, I would recommend The Hash. The good meals and good vibes are perfect for your breakfast/brunch any day of the week!

By: Olivia DeLeon


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