Ron’s Hamburgers & Chili

If you’ve ever been to Oklahoma, you’ve probably seen one of this local chain’s locations. Ron’s Hamburgers&Chili definitely lives up to it’s name. I’ve been to Ron’s so many times in my life that I’ve lost count. I’ve never had a bad experience when I’ve visited one of their locations. I can only speak for the Edmond and Midwest City locations, though. Ron’s has so many locations now, it’s almost impossible to visit them all, but I don’t doubt that the great service would change at all.

Even though their locations are so spread out, the overall atmosphere seems to stay consistent, and that’s refreshing. The locations that I’ve been to always feel family-owned, and the great service they always provide makes you feel like family.

The location in Edmond that I went to for this review is a smaller location, sandwiched between other businesses in a small shopping center on the corner of Santa Fe Avenue and West Edmond Road.


When you come into a Ron’s location, you pick your own seat and shortly after a waiter or waitress will come to take your orders. You’ll get your drinks right away, and it’s a matter of a few minutes between the time you place your food order and the time it reaches your table. The service is so quick, you’d think they were trying to rush you out, but that’s not the case. The Edmond location in particular is quite relaxed, and it was a very pleasant environment for our dinner.

On this particular night, we decided to split a classic combination at Ron’s, which is the sausage chili cheeseburger and their huge order of chili cheese fries. The sausage chili cheeseburger ranges from 8-10 USD depending on location and whether or not you make it a double; and the chili cheese fries range from 5-6 USD.


Another good thing about Ron’s is that it never seems to be super busy. When my family member and I went, it was about 630-7 PM and there were only a couple other patrons in the restaurant at that time. It had a very peaceful atmosphere then, which really helped us unwind after long days of work and class.

Overall, the experience we had at the Edmond location only reinforced our already great views about Ron’s. Having been to two of their locations now, I can safely say that Ron’s is a great place to visit. It’s family friendly, but it’s also is a great place that you can go for a cheat day on your diet. Who wouldn’t mind the chance to unwind with a Coke and plate of chili cheese fries?

I can’t recommend Ron’s enough, though, definitely give them a try! There’s bound to be one near you! They have locations all over Oklahoma, and have even opened up locations in Texas and Arkansas! This is definitely a company that will have even more success in the future!

Written by: Jordan Tate


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